“Colonial Sunrise”

This historical Williamsburg art print will make you feel like you are walking right down the Duke of Gloucester Street.

Image size: 32.5″ X 17.75″

            This print frames to approximately: 44″ X 29.25″

Price: $125.00
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All about this Williamsburg art print called “Colonial Sunrise”

This Williamsburg art print will make you feel like you were actually looking down the Duke of Gloucester street to the old Colonial Capitol in Williamsburg, Virginia.  It’s an early morning spring scene with two men in a cart coming up the street.  

While walking the streets of Williamsburg myself, I could only imagine what life would have been like in the 1700’s.  After all, it was in this very settlement that the seeds of democracy and a new nation were sown.  It is this vision, of early revolutionary colonial life, that I have portrayed in this painting. “Colonial Sunrise.”  The day that I was there taking pictures and sketching to prepare for this painting, it just so happened that the two men in the cart were coming right up the street.  People were walking around in clothing of the colonial era and giving demonstrations of the crafts that were produced at that time.

This art print features the best example of a colonial store on the left, The Prentis Store.  This building was constructed in 1739-1740.  Below the store are the George Oitt House, the Printing Office, Post Office and Bookbindery.  The blue George Reid House pictured on the right was built around 1790.  Beyond the Reid House sits the Orlando Jones House and Office.  Orlando Jones was the father of Martha Washington who was the wife of the first president of the United States of America, “George Washington.”

Both sides of the Duke of Gloucester street in Williamsburg, Virginia continue on to converge in the east at the Colonial Capitol Building.

This Historical Williamsburg Art Print will add a beautiful piece of history to any wall in your home or office. 

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