Nautical Art Prints

I have a beautiful selection of nautical prints. Every painting I do has a story.

I hope you will take time to read about each one.

Click on each image for the details including price, size and story.

Rockford, North Carolina's old one lane bridge that crossed the Yadkin River is featured in this nautical art print with a young boy fishing in the early morning on the bank.“The Bridge”


This beautiful beach print features an old beach house on Pawley's Island, South Carolina.“A Coastal Breeze”

The University of Miami and Lake Osceola are featured in this art print "Sunset at Lake Osceola."“Sunset at Lake Osceola”

"The River" features the Yadkin River in North Carolina as it flows right by Pilot Mountain.“The River”

 Ocracoke Lighthouse and village as seen through the boats from the water on the coast of North Carolina.“An Ocracoke Evening”

"The Guiding Light" is a nautical art print of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in North Carolina Outer Banks by American country Artist Patricia Hobson.“The Guiding Light”

 When you choose your perfect nautical art prints, don’t forget that we do beautiful framing. 

It will save you so much time running around. You will be able to hang your artwork as soon as it arrives!

Below is a bit about the how and why of my nautical art prints.

The first limited edition print that I did with water in it was “A Coastal Breeze.” In the winter of 1995, I knew that I would need a painting to be reproduced for a new print to be released in the spring. As I searched through my huge box of photos looking for the perfect scene, I came across a picture that I had taken a few years before of an old beach house on Pawleys Island, South Carolina. This house reminded me so much of a house that my family would stay at in the summers when I was growing up. I hope you will take the time to look closer at this nautical art print and read all about it. It might just spark a memory or two of yours.

For years, I had many request to do a painting and prints of the Cape Hatteras. Most of the paintings and prints that I had seen of the lighthouse to that point were views of it as seen from the beach not from the out in the water. I felt that any lighthouse should be viewed in a print or painting from out in the ocean. So, that is the reason I chose to paint that lighthouse as well as the Ocracoke Lighthouse as I did. From the sea!

In 1997 I did a painting of Lake Osceola on the campus of the University of Miami in Miami, Florida for our daughter. It was her senior year and she would soon be a graduate of the school and off to her next adventure. Upon finishing the painting, Felix and I drove down to the school to show the painting to our daughter and an official of the school. Both, Natalie and the representative of the school, were delighted with the painting. While there, we received an order from the school for prints of the painting to sell in their book store. After returning home, prints were made and have since become a popular piece of memorabilia for graduates.

Thanks for your appreciation of my work. Each of my prints has a story. I hope that you will read each one and that you find some pieces here that you will enjoy for years to come.