Winter Art Prints

I have a beautiful assortment of winter art prints. Every painting that I do has a story.

I hope you will take time to read about each one.

Click on each image for the details including price, size and story.

This winter art print features a couple taking a sleigh ride by a beautiful Victorian home.
“Holiday Spirit”


Art print featuring a snowy evening in downtown Mocksville, North Carolina with Icy streets, Christmas lights in all the trees and last minute shoppers.
“Hometown Christmas”

In this winter art print a tiny sleigh filled with greenery and apples sitting in the snow by a rock building with a wreath on the old door.“Holiday Snow”

This Christmas print is a of a log cabin at the base of Star's Mountain on Christmas Eve with a brightly lit tree of multi color lights and a star on top standing out front.“A Brushy Mountain Christmas”

A winter art print with a little snowman sitting on a porch holding a welcome sign and a tree lit with tiny lights next to the porch.“Let it Snow”

This winter art print features the Hugh Chatham Bridge crossing over the Yadkin River on a cold snowy evening with the lights reflecting on the snow, the church lights are on and the Chatham Blanket sign Glows red.“A Chatham Blanket Evening”

"The Meeting" is an art print of cardinals featuring a pair of cardinals meeting in a pine tree on a snowy evening by American Country Artist Patricia Hobson.“The Meeting”

Winter art print features a log cabin deep in the woods on a snowy evening.“A Log Cabin Winter”

A small train print featuring the Yadkin valley Train as it steams by Home Chair Company in Rhonda, North Carolina.“At the Crossing”

The Moravian village of Old Salem, North Carolina is featured in this historic art print "Salem Radiance."“Salem Radiance”

Mabry Mill in the Meadows of Dan, Virginia is featured in this winter art print.“Snowy Refuge”

This winter art print features an old quilt thrown over a chair sitting by a fireplace and "My Best Friend" the Cocker Spaniel, Elsa May.“My Best friend”

"The Warmth of Home" a winter art print featuring a pair of deer standing watch by a mountain home on a snowy afternoon by American country artist Patricia Hobson.“The Warmth of Home”

This winter art print, is a view of the majestic Tate Mansion located in Morganton, North Carolina.“A Winter’s Gift”

"Three Generations" is a winter art print featuring a farm house and an old barn, on a snowy evening, with two cows and a newborn calf. Three generations of the same cow family. “Three Generations”

This historic art print by artist Patricia Hobson features the old Stephen Hobson II home built on our property in 1785.“The Old Homeplace”

"The Gathering"- a winter art print featuring a pair of cardinals sitting on snow laden pine boughs watching a horse and sleigh in front of a big contemporary home by American Country Artist Patricia Hobson.“The Gathering”

Fulton Methodist Church is featured in "The chapel" by american Country Artist Patricia Hobson“The Chapel”

Winter art print features a couple taking a moonlight sleigh ride by the lake behind the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC.“An American Castle”

 When you choose your perfect winter art prints, don’t forget that we do beautiful framing. 

It will save you so much time running around. You will be able to hang your artwork as soon as it arrives!

Below is just a bit of my winter memories.

I love painting beautiful winter scenes and reproducing them as winter art prints. Painting the winter scenes and snow always makes me remember past winters of my life. When I was young, like all kids, I loved snow days. We were out of school, could watch TV, could go sledding and build a snowman. By the way, fortunately we did have a TV back then. A lot of my friends at school didn’t have one. Moving along, there is one winter incidence that I will never forget. It was the first week in March of the winter of 1960. The contractors had just finished putting the final touches on our new brick ranch style home. The house we were living in at the time was nothing like the new one. It had no bathroom, no central heat and drafty old windows. I was only six years old. This was the only place I had ever lived. It was my home. And, I did not want to leave it. 

Well, my memory begins on Wednesday March 2,1960. The snow and sleet started a bit after midnight and continued on into the next day, March 3, putting down well over a foot of the icy stuff.  Mother and Daddy had most every thing pack and ready to move into the new house. Though they couldn’t get the car out of the driveway. Even if they could, the roads were packed with snow and ice and impassable anyway. That meant we would be in the old house a few days longer. I was delighted. The even though the temperatures the following days reached 40 degrees on two days the nights were in the low 20’s and low teens. This means that the snow and ice was only slowly melting but refreezing at night.

Then, came Wednesday March 9. A snow and ice storm similar to that of the week before hits North Carolina laying down another foot of snow and sleet here in Yadkin county on top of what was left from the previous week. Boy was I delighted! I can remember playing in the snow till I could no longer feel my feet. Of course, Mother and Daddy were really let down. They had most all of our things boxed up and could not move into the new house. 

Then came Tuesday March 11 with old man winter putting down about five more inches of the white stuff. The next day, Wednesday, March 16, NC is struck with a significant snow and ice storm rendering the highways impassable once again. This was the third Wednesday straight that we had snow and ice. It was a record that stills stands. But to my parents’ delight, the next day the temperature was up to 62 degrees melting the snow with every hour. Even though the nightly temps. dipped to freezing, the following days were warming up reaching 82 by the 28th of March. All of this nice warm spell only created another problem for the big move. MUD! And, since it was everywhere around the new house, we had a very difficult time making the move with out tracking it in. My parents put left over boards on the ground from the road to the house to walk on. Even though I was not happy leaving my old home, it was nice not having to go out to the outhouse when nature called.

Like I said before, I do love painting snow scenes and have lots of good and some bad memories of the snowy winters of my life. Up until I married, I loved snowy winters. But, I married a dairy farmer and that changed. When you have to get out and work in the snow it makes it very difficult. Then, it is really sad to see the cows having to be out in the weather. Of course, we do have lots of barns for them. They will still go out in the mess and do have to walk out in it to get to the milk parlor. Other problems that occur are heavy snow weighing down and sometimes collapsing barn roofs, the hired help can’t get to work, the milk truck can’t get in to pick up the milk and just the shear difficulty and pain of walking in the snow while doing our work. All of that being said, now that I an in my sixties, confined to a wheel chair and don’t have to work out in the bad weather Let It Snow!  

Have a Blessed Day

 When you choose your perfect winter art prints, don’t forget that we do beautiful framing. 

It will save you so much time running around. You will be able to hang your artwork as soon as it arrives!