Fall Art Prints

I have a beautiful assortment of fall art prints. Every painting that I do has a story.

I hope you will take time to read about each one.

Click on each image for the details including price, size and story.

"When America Was Great" is a fall art print featuring the Shell gas station at Brooks Crossroads in the western part of Yadkin County, NC. It is a view of the station as it appeared in 1957 Vintage cars and all.“When America Was Great”

"Our Daily Bread" This fall art print features an early morning sunrise over the Winkler Bakery in the Moravian village of Old Salem in North Carolina.“Our Daily Bread”

A basket of apples, antique kitchen items and an apple pie in the window are all in this kitchen of the historic house in the fall print.“Mother’s Apple Pie”

This beautifully peaceful fall art print has two chairs on a deck at a lake with the sun setting on the other side. This piece will take you away to a quiet place.“Autumn Leaves” 

This fall art print features downtown Yadkinville, North Carolina as it appeared in the 1950's. It features the old courthouse that was demolished in the mid 50's as well as the old Seats theater and cars of that era.“Our Town”

This fall art print features the 17th hole at the Yadkin Country Club in Yadkinville, North Carolina. The green lies across the lake on a slope. The the golf green and fall leaves of the trees are reflected in the lake.“On the Green”

"Precious Memories" a fall art print that will tug at your heart strings. This a painting that I did of my Granny's back porch. I included her old bowl and pitcher, enamel ware dish pan, churn and of course a doily she crocheted.“Precious Memories”

This fall art print features brilliantly colored leaves of autumn falling at apple season all around a log cabin just below "Star Mountain" in the foothills of North Carolina.“Autumn Breeze”

"Wine Country" is a fall art print with a view of Pilot Mountain, NC seen through bunches of delicious grapes of a local vineyard in Yadkin County, NC.“Wine Country”

The Yadkin River in North Carolina is featured in this fall art print flowing right by Pilot Mountain. This scene features a row boat, with fishing gear, on the shore of one of the islands in the river with the mountain in the distance.“The River”

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This is a bit of my Fall Memories

When nearing the end of each long hot and humid summer here in North Carolina, like other people, I yearn for the cool crisp mornings of fall. We are fortunate here in our part of the world in that we are able to experience four seasons. Besides the cooler weather of fall, we always enjoy the beauty of the bright colorful leaves of the trees. I particularly remember my early fall morning visit to the historic Moravian village of Old Salem in the fall of 1992. It is located about twenty five miles from my home and has always been a popular subject for local artist. Painted scenes of the village are desired by local folks and tourist alike. That particular morning, I arrived just before daybreak in hopes of finding that perfect view of the village to paint. I wanted to photograph it before the streets were filled with people and cars.

With my camera in hand, I walked the streets shooting picture after picture as the sun slowly creeped up in the sky. Before I knew it, I was standing across the street looking at the Winkler Bakery. As I looked around studding the scene, I could see, threw a window, a woman working in the bakery. There, I had it my perfect view of the village. The main feature of the scene was of course was the bakery. Then, to the right center of the picture, I could see the front of Home Moravian Church with the sun slowly rising behind it. To the far right of the picture was the Boys School.

The Bakery was always the first place to come alive every day of the week. All of the goods sold in the bakery, even today, are baked in wood fired brick ovens. They had to be fired in the wee hours of the morning to have them hot enough for the day’s baking. The baked goods including breads, sugar bread, hot cross buns and cookies have that unique hint of smoky flavor that set them off from traditional modern bakeries. The bakery was and still is a very important part of the everyday life in Old Salem. It is because of this that I would eventually name the finished painting “Our Daily Bread.” The prints from this painting were released in 1993. I do hope you will take the time to view and read more about this particular fall art print.

Having been born in 1953, I grew up during a time when America was great and am proud to have released a beautiful fall print with the name “When American Was Great.” This nostalgic print features an old Shell service station that still stands just a few miles from my home here in North Carolina. I was so lucky that the man who’s father originally opened the station had a picture of it that was taken in 1957. This picture had the old cars and even the little ice cream shop that sat in the parking lot. I added the blue pickup truck, the red Thunderbird, and of course the 57 Chevy. I really did enjoy painting this piece and hope that it will keep the memories of that great era alive for everyone that enjoys it.

Besides the two fall art prints that I’ve just spoken about, I have other nostalgic prints from the “Precious Memories” of my Granny to the Yadkin “River” that flows by the majestic Pilot Mountain and “Our Town” as it was in 1955. I hope, when you look at each piece and read it’s story that, they will stir the good memories you have of the fall.


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  It will save you so much time running around. You will be able to hang your artwork as soon as it arrives!