Historical Art Prints

I have a beautiful selection of historical art prints. Every painting I do has a story.

I hope you will take time to read about each one.

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This historical art print features a basket of apples, antique kitchen items and an apple pie in the window are all in the kitchen of the historical house that was built on our farm 233 years ago. “Mother’s Apple Pie”


"An American Castle" is a beautiful historical art print featuring a couple taking a moonlight sleigh ride by the lake behind the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. The castle stands brightly on the hill in the distance.“An American Castle”

A small snowy historical art print featuring the Yadkin valley Train as it steams by Home Chair Company in Rhonda, North Carolina.“At the Crossing”

"When America Was Great" is a historical art print featuring the Shell gas station at Brooks Crossroads in the western part of Yadkin County, NC. It is a view of the station as it appeared in 1957 Vintage cars and all.“When America Was Great”

"The Guiding light" an historical art print of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse on the North Carolina Outer Banks. The view is as if you were standing on a fishing boat on the way in after a long day as the sunsets behind the lighthouse.“The Guiding Light”

This a romantically historical art print of the Ocracoke Lighthouse and village as scene through the boats from the water on the coast of North Carolina.“An Ocracoke Evening”

An historical art print featuring downtown Yadkinville, North Carolina as it appeared in the 1950's. It features the old courthouse that was demolished in the mid 50's as well as the old Seats theater and cars of that era.“Our Town”

"Salem" The Moravian settlement of Old Salem, North Carolina. In this historical art print the main feature is the "Boys School" leading to Home Moravian Church to the right and the Winkler Bakery to the left.“Salem”

The Yadkin River in North Carolina flows right by Pilot Mountain. This historical art print features a row boat, with fishing gear, on the shore of one of the islands in the river with the mountain in the distance.“The River”

This historical art print shows Daniel Boone leading his very large family across the Yadkin River at the Shallow Ford in Huntsville, North Carolina.
“Daniel Boone Crossing the Shallowford”


"Our Daily Bread" This historical art print is an early morning sunrise over the Winkler Bakery in the Moravian village of Old Salem in North Carolina. Also featured in this fall scene is the Boys School, the book store, Home Moravian Church and a bit of Salem College in the distance.
“Our Daily Bread”

This snowy historical art print features the Hugh Chatham Bridge crossing over the Yadkin River on a cold snowy evening with the lights reflecting on the snow, the church lights are on and the Chatham Blanket sign Glows red.
“A Chatham Blanket Evening”

"The Bridge'' Rockford, North Carolina's old one lane bridge that crossed the Yadkin River is featured in this historical print with a young boy fishing in the early morning on the bank.
“The Bridge”


This historical art print, "A Winter's Gift" is a view of the majestic Tate Mansion located in Morganton, North Carolina. the home is surrounded by a scalloped picket fence, trees laden with snow and the birds grabbing the last bits of food left on the ground under the feeder.“A Winter”s Gift”

This historical art print will make you feel like you were actually in Williamsburg looking down the street to the old Colonial Capitol. It's an early morning spring scene with two men in a cart coming up the street.
“Colonial Sunrise”

"Salem Radiance" an historical art print featuring the Moravian village of Old Salem, North Carolina.“Salem Radiance”

"The Chapel" features the Fulton Methodist church in Davie County, NC. Painted by American country Artist Patricia Hobson. “The Chapel”


This historical art print features the old Stephen Hobson II home built on our property in 1785.“The Old Homeplace”

Mabry Mill along the Blue Ridge Parkway of Virginia is featured in this beautiful historical art print. A pair of cardinals are sitting on snow laden pine boughs up front with a path leading to the icy mill pond.“Snowy Refuge”

The Rockford country store if featured in this historical art print by American country artist Patricia Hobson.“Nostalgic Rockford” 

Historic Bethabara Church is featured in this early spring art print by American Country Artist Patricia Hobson.“Bethabara Morning”

"Richmond Pearson's Dream" is an historical art print of the law school that Richmond Pearson started near the banks of the Yadkin River in western North Carolina.
“Richmond Pearson’s Dream”

This beautiful spring art print by American Country Artist Patricia Hobson features the Victorian L.L. Lun house in the West End of Winston Salem, NC. “Lady Anne’s”

This small historical art print shows the Hale Bopp Comet as it was seen in the night sky over Pilot Mountain on July 22, 1995.
“Hale Bopp”

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My Historical Art Print Memories

As I sit here building this page about historical art prints and thinking about the paintings and prints that I have done, I realize that all history is memories. Some are just older than others. When looking at the historical art prints that are on this page, I noticed that each and every one held not just memories of mine but those of millions of other people too.

I remember the time when, at age seven or eight, my Mother and Daddy took me across the Rockford one lane low water bridge. When we got there, another car was coming across from the other side. It being a single lane bridge, we had to wait for them to cross. Then we had our turn. Bridge etiquette, you know! As we waited, Daddy said “If you are scared, see if you can hold your breath till we get to the other side. There’s a candy store over there.” Hey, he dangled that candy carrot in front of me. And, I was holding my breath before his foot hit the gas. It was a bumpy ride. My painting, called “The Bridge,” is my recollection of that momentous ride.

I can’t quite remember if I was able to hold my breath to the other side of that bridge. But, I definitely remember that old store. When we walked through that front door, there it was, a long wooden and glass counter with every section filled with CANDY! Mother said that my sister and I could each get one fourth of a pound of any combination. That was one of the hardest decisions that a little girl could make. I don’t remember exactly which kinds that I got. But, I do remember them all being some kind of chocolate. Yes even then, I was a young chocoholic. Besides the candy, the store was filled with all kinds of antiques including things that were new then. They are antiques now. This, the Rockford General Store, is featured in my limited edition print called “Nostalgic Rockford.”

The bridge that I spoke of crossed over the Yadkin River from Yadkin Co. to Surry Co. It is one of the longest rivers in NC flowing 215 miles leading to the fall line in Cheraw, South Carolina where it’s names changes to the Great Pee Dee. Oh my, I can’t begin to imagine the billions of historical memories that surround this river. My big memory of it started one Saturday morning in May of 1997. For a long time, many folks had ask me to do a painting of Pilot Mountain. I had seen so many paintings of the mountain and knew that if I would do one it needed to be different. Then one day, I remembered that at sometime I had seen a picture of the mountain on the front of the Winston Salem Journal. Someone had to have been standing right in the middle of the Yadkin River to have taken that picture. I was later talking to my friend, Malinda, and ask if she knew someone who could show me where that picture was taken. She said “My son. He’s been up and down that river many times since he was a child hunting and fishing.”

Two Saturday mornings after that conversation, I was climbing into a very small fishing boat with a trolling motor and my friends son Michael. Felix and Michael’s Mom pushed us into the river and away we went. It was a most beautiful adventure. As we quietly cruised down the river, we could only see and hear nature. There were turtles sunning on rocks, geese swimming in the water, fish jumping and deer standing on the banks of this beautiful place. Suddenly, out of the blue, I heard someone call out “Hey Michael.” It was a fishing buddy of Michael’s standing on the river bank doing what he does, fishing. It wasn’t long until Michael told me to get my camera ready. He pointed out that we were about to make a turn in the river and that we would soon be able to look back and and see the mountain. Sure enough, as we motored on around the turn, there it was Pilot Mountain. I started clicking the camera and the best shots were just as we came up to one of the islands in the river. There it was the very view that I had seen in the newspaper. No sooner than we saw the mountain, it was gone. My cruise down the big Yadkin river was coming to an end. Malinda and Felix were waiting for us at our stopping point. They helped us out of the water. We loaded the boat and the trip was over. Even though the photographs were taken in the spring time, I did the painting as a fall scene and released the prints the next October. I wanted to show off that mountain all decked out in Mother Nature’s fall colors and titled the painting and subsequent prints “The River.”

Over my thirty plus years of professional painting, I have done several paintings of Old Salem, North Carolina and reproduced prints from three of them. This is an historical Moravian village just outside of Winston Salem. The Moravians came to North Carolina from Pennsylvania and built Salem to be their central, economic, religious and administrative center for their Wachovia tract. This historic village has been visited and toured by millions of people looking to see and learn about it’s history. I am one of those people.

On May 5, 1989 a tornado came through Old Salem and wrecked the place. Century old trees of the village square were ripped from the ground. The beautiful Salem Square that had been painted previously by artists were done as the village was with all those glorious trees. It wasn’t long though before buildings had been repaired and young trees planted. In the spring of 1991 I returned to the village, that I had not seen myself for several years, with my camera. It was time to paint the new historic Old Salem as it was then after the storm. After all this is the way it would be remembered by a new generation. The square shaded by those enormous trees would never look the same at least in our life time. Over the next three years, I did three street scene paintings of this historical place releasing prints from them each fall for three years in a row. Those prints represent new historical memories. They are “Salem Radiance, ”Salem” and “Our Daily Bread” in that order. I hope that someday you can visit this peaceful little village and be able to compare my historical art prints of memories to Salem as it is now which will be your historic memories. The square shaded by these enormous trees would never look the same at least in our life time.

My very first historical art print was called “The Old Homeplace.” It featured an old house that was built in 1785 by Stephen Hobson II, a distant relative of my husband, Felix Hobson, and still stands on our property. I painted the piece back in 1989 and had prints made of it to sell to raise money to restore this old historic home. To be honest, I had never tried to market art prints before. I just naively thought that since I wanted to restore this old home that anyone who was a Hobson, related to the Hobsons or just a neighbor would certainly want to purchase a print to support the project. Needless to say, I was wrong. We did sell a few prints and were able to do some repairs to the place. Then the interest faded. We have, over the years, tried to keep the house from going into further disrepair and still apply all moneys to the house’s up keep. All sales of this print are greatly appreciated. I still have a dream of fully restoring this old plantation home back to it’s original glory.

It is obvious that “The Old Homeplace” is not my very best work. As my career blossomed, I put this painting and prints away and was embarrassed to even remind people of it. But now, I realize that it marks an historical point in the beginning of my professional art career. And now, I am proud to show and make it available to the public. This just goes to show that everything and every story becomes history once it is done. So, I hope that you enjoy my historical art prints.

All of the prints of any category that are available on this site have stories about the where, when and how details of each one. I do hope that you will take time to read about each of them. Maybe some of my pieces can spark some of your historical memories.


I do hope that my artwork will spark some of your historical memories!

When you pick your perfect historical art prints, remember that we do beautiful framing.

It will save you so much time and energy.  And, you will be able to hang your artwork as soon as it arrives.