“Nostalgic Art Prints”

I have a beautiful assortment of nostalgic art prints. Every painting that I do has a story.

I hope you will take time to read about each one.

Click on each image for the details including price, size and story.

This nostalgic art print called "My Best Friend" is a cozy scene all about a warm fire, a beautiful quilt, a good book and a puppy on a winter's night.“My Best Friend”



 Yadkin River in North Carolina flows right by Pilot Mountain. This scene features a row boat, with fishing gear, on the shore of one of the islands in the river with the mountain in the distance.“The River

A beautiful snow scene featuring a couple taking a moonlight sleigh ride by the lake behind the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. The castle stands in the moon light on the distant hill.An american Castle”

"Our Daily Bread" This limited edition print is an early morning sunrise over the Winkler Bakery in the Moravian village of Old Salem in North Carolina. “Our Daily Bread”

This snow scene features a couple in a sleigh sliding by an old Victorian home which is located just off Broad Street in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.“Holiday Spirit”

This art print is a view of a diner as it looked in the 1950's with the vintage cars, motor cycles and of course servers on roller skates.
“The Diner”

An art print of a farm house and an old barn, on a snowy evening with three generations for the same cow family.“Three Generations”

Historic Bethabara Church in the Moravian settlement of Bethabara just outside of Winston Salem, NC a is featured in this early spring art print by American country Artist Patricia Hobson. “Bethabara Morning”

A basket of apples, antique kitchen items and an apple pie in the window are all in this kitchen of the Stephen Hobson Sr. I's house that was built on our farm 233 years ago. All the kitchen things in in the scene belonged to my grandmother. My Mother actually baked that pie that sits in the window. It was delicious!“Mother’s Apple Pie”

A snowy winter scene of a log cabin at the base of Star's Mountain on Christmas Eve with a brightly lit tree out front.“A Brushy Mountain Christmas”

A small snow scene featuring the Yadkin valley Train as it steams by Home Chair Company in Rhonda, North Carolina.
“At the Crossing”

Rockford, North Carolina's old one lane bridge that crossed the Yadkin River is featured in this limited edition print with a young boy fishing in the early morning on the bank.“The Bridge”

"Salem Radiance" a scene featuring the Moravian village of Old Salem, North Carolina.“Salem Radiance”

"Salem" The Moravian settlement of Old Salem, North Carolina. In this is a beautiful art print the main feature is the "Boys School" leading to Home Moravian Church to the right and the Winkler Bakery to the left.“Salem”

A snowy evening in downtown Mocksville, North Carolina with Icy streets, Christmas lights in all the trees and last minute shoppers are all featured in this scene. “Hometown Christmas”

Limited edition print featuring the old court house in downtown Yadkinville, North Carolina as it appeared in the 1950's. “Our Town”

Nautical art print features a romantic evening view of the Ocracoke Lighthouse and village as scene through the boats from the water on the coast of North Carolina. “An Ocracoke Evening”

A country art print that will tug at your heart strings. This a painting that I did of my Granny's back porch. I included her antiques and a doily that she crocheted.“Precious Memories”

A nautical art print of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse on the North Carolina Outer Banks. A view from a fishing boat on the way in after a long day as the sunsets behind the lighthouse.“The Guiding Light”

An art print features a Pawley's Island, SC beach house that will put a bit of fresh air on any wall of your home. “A Coastal Breeze”

A dramatic art print, features the majestic Tate Mansion located in Morganton, North Carolina surrounded by a picket fence, trees laden with snow and the birds grabbing the last bits of food left on the ground under the feeder. “A Winter’s Gift”

"The Chapel" features the Fulton Methodist Church in Davie County, NC. Painted by American Country Artist Patricia Hobson.“The Chapel”

"Story Time" is an art print featuring two fuzzy Teddy bears sitting on a bench reading the story of "The Three Little Pigs."-
“Story Time”

This snow scene features the Hugh Chatham Bridge over the Yadkin River on a cold snowy evening with the lights reflecting on the snow and the Chatham Blanket sign Glows red.“A Chatham Blanket Evening”

Nostalgic art print "Lady Anne's" features the historic L.L. Lun house in Winston Salem,NC.“Lady Anne’s



This small astrological art print shows the Hale Bopp Comet as it was seen in the night sky over Pilot Mountain on July 22, 1995.


Yes it's is a little snowman sitting on a porch holding a welcome sign with a tree lit with tiny lights next to the porch.
“Let it Snow”

Miami art print features a view of Lake Osceola on the campus the University of Miami with the walking bridge, fountain, dorms and the Ibis right up front.
“Sunset at Lake Osceola”



"When America Was Great" is a nostalgic art print featuring the Shell gas station at Brooks Crossroads in the western part of Yadkin County, NC. It is a view of the station as it appeared in 1957 Vintage cars and all.“When America Was Great”

 When you choose your perfect nostalgic art prints, don’t forget that we do beautiful framing. 

It will save you so much time running around. You will be able to hang your artwork as soon as it arrives!