“Morning Song”

A spring art print featuring a bird house with three blue birds and some deep red Hollyhocks on a fence in front of a house in the distance.

Image size: 16.5″ X 19.25″

This print frames to approximately: 25.5″X28.25″

Price: $75.00

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                                              About the Spring Art Print called “Morning Song” 

Ever since I was a child, Hollyhocks have been a favorite flower of mine especially the red ones.  I’m now 65 years old and a lot of my old memories are fading.  But, I can still remember the beautiful red, pink and yellow Hollyhocks that my mother had for several years when I was about four years and older.  They stood so tall against the wall of the garage that she would have to tie them up to keep them from falling over. The blooms begin in early summer and last till fall.  She had two bird houses on the wall among the flowers.  One of them looked like the one in this print.  I used to sit on the rope swing that hung on the big oak tree and watch the blue birds come and go and the beautiful butterflies of all kinds fluttering from flower to flower.  During that time, I had a blue parakeet that passed away one summer.  Mother and I wrapped Blue Boy in some soft quilt batting, put him in an old Buster Brown shoe box and buried him among the Hollyhocks.  Isn’t it funny what our minds chose to remember so many years past?

Every year from 1997 to 2007, I would do a special painting that art prints would be reproduced from to benefit our Yadkin County United Way.  Everyone who pledged $100.00 to the Yadkin County United Way in the fall would receive one of the Patricia Hobson art prints in the spring.  At the end of ten years, I was told that with my artwork I had helped raise over three million dollars for my county.  That is certainly something that I am very proud of.  There were extra art prints printed each year and some that weren’t picked up.  These are now available from me.

Almost every year I painted a local scene for the UW print.  This particular spring art print has the Holcomb family’s home, located just outside of Yadkinville, in the distance.  They had a white fence around their property that gave me the perfect setting to share my special memory of Mother’s Old Fashion red Hollyhocks, the bright blue birds and the butterflies of my childhood.

This spring art print frames up beautifully with either a deep red or blue colored suede top mat, to enhance the flowers or the birds. 

“This print will add a beautiful touch of spring and summer to any room of your home!

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