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“Nostalgic Rockford”

"Nostalgic Rockford" is an historical art print by American Country Artist Patricia Hobson features an old country store in Rockford, North Carolina.

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About this “Nostalgic Rockford” Art Print

The Rockford Country Store, that is featured in this nostalgic art print, sits just across the Yadkin River in Surry county in the little village of Rockford, NC. It was founded in 1790 to be the county seat of Surry County after Surry was split from Stokes County. When the southern portion of Surry county south of the Yadkin River was broken off to establish Yadkin County, the county government was then moved to Dobson, NC to the north. Even after the county seat moved, Rockford remained an important part of the county.

The Yadkin Valley railroad has always run along beside the Yadkin River with a depot stop just across the road from the old Rockford store making this village a major part of the area. The store was a gathering place for the community. It was build and opened in 1890 by a man named Reese and a man called Saunders and has always been a general store where folks could buy anything from an old churn and other household and farm goods to a bologna sandwich. In 1920 the it was purchased by the McCormick family who ran the store until their daughter, Eva and her husband Paul Anthony took over the operation. A childhood friend of my Mother, Annie Barnett and her husband Glen, bought the store and ran it until her death in 2003. In July of 2004 the Carters and the Foys reopened the store and have kept it open ever since. There are two big events held at and around the store each year. On the first weekend in March, there is a very educational and exciting living history weekend with a Civil War Battle reenactment. The Sweet Potato Festival is held every third Saturday in October. These are all events that I highly recommend that folks attend. There is so much history in this little village.

For those traveling in our area, Rockford is a great place to visit. Walking through the door of the General Store is just like stepping one hundred years back in time. Like me, when my kids were small, they loved going to what they called the candy store. When you walk in the store, straight ahead is a warm old pot belly stove. Then to the left is an old timely, long wooden and glass counter with each bin filled to the brim with “CANDY.” So many candies that you can’t find at just any store are ready to melt in your mouth.

When you are planning to be in our area, please feel free to give me a call and to set up a visit with me at my studio / Gallery. Since I have been in a wheel chair, I am not always at my gallery with my husband when the shop is open. But, if you are going to be there, I’ll be there too!

This “Nostalgic Rockford” art print will make a neat conversational piece on any wall of your home or office.

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I also have an art print of Rockford featuring the “Low Rockford Bridge.”
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"The Bridge'' Rockford, North Carolina's old one lane bridge that crossed the Yadkin River is featured in this historical art print with a young boy fishing in the early morning.“The Bridge”