“Granny’s Rocker”

Sculpture by American Country Artist Patricia Hobson called "Granny's Rocker"

This piece stands 5.25″ tall          Price: $50.00

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All about the rocking chair sculpture called “Granny’s Rocker”

As I have previously stated, each of my sculptures are inspired by a painting that I have done. The rocking chair and quilt were featured in one if not my most famous limited edition prints “A Quiet Place.” The inspiration for the painting with the rocking chair and quilt came in a dream. One night I awoke in the wee hours of the morning and made a simple sketch on a book that was on my night stand. I wanted to be able to remember it in when I got up in the morning. In the dream, I walked through a door onto a porch and was standing behind a rocking chair with a quilt draped over the arm and seat. It was very early in the morning and I could barely see Pilot Mountain in the distance. It was only a bluish silhouette in the morning mist. I just knew that this would make a great painting.

“A Quiet Place”

A few weeks later, I decided to gather up the things to start the sketch for the painting. The first item was a no-brainer. It had to be the rocking chair that I rocked our three babies in. Since the quilt in my dream did not have a particular pattern that I could remember, I decided to ask my Maw Maw Brandon, my Mother’s Mother, if I could borrow one of her handmade quilts for the painting. She was delighted that I had ask and took me into a spare bedroom where her quilts were stored in a very old wardrobe that had belonged to her mother. She had so many beautiful quilts. But, it was not hard to chose which one that I wanted. In all of them there was only one with the double wedding ring pattern. She proceeded to tell me just how hard that quilt was to make and that it would be the only one. Agreeing to let me borrow it she added “This quilt had better not come back with paint on it!” So upon finishing the painting, I wasted no time in returning it. And, by the way, there was not one drop of paint on it. A couple of years later my Mother told me that Maw Maw had divided all of her quilts and gave them to her five daughters. She also said that Maw Maw gave the wedding ring quilt to her with orders that it would eventually be given to me. So, now I have that beautiful quilt. That quilt was made of yellow, green and blue fabrics. However, when I did the painting I changed them to the colors that you see in the sculpture. That painting and the sculptures are my way of honoring all the women and some men who have over the centuries made beautiful quilts to keep us warm.

I first did this rocking chair sculpture in clay and took it to a company in High Point that reproduces small figurines in a pecan based resin. From this little rocking chair sculpture, molds were made. Then, individual reproductions of a pecan shell based resin were cast in them. Unfortunately, because of the casting process, they could not cast the back of the chair to match. They would break when pulled from the mold. So, I had to change the sculpture. Once the reproductions were delivered, I hired two of my good and talented friends to help paint them. Since each sculpture was individually hand done, the colors may vary slightly giving each reproduction a unique character of it’s own.

Thanks for your appreciation of my work!

Patricia Hobson