“A Coastal Breeze”

This beautiful beach print features an old beach house on Pawley's Island, South Carolina.

Image Size: 10.75″ X 23″

This print frames to approximately: 19.25″ X 33.75″

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All about this beach print  “A Coastal Breeze” 

While vacationing along the South Carolina coast, I found this terrific old beach house on Pawleys Island, South Carolina.  Houses like these on our coast line are practically gone replaced by condos and high-rise buildings.  This place brings back so many memories of going to the beach when I was a young girl.  In those days, having air conditioning was a rare occurrence.  So, the windows and doors were opened wide.  Lots of the doors were even louvered to allow the ocean air to flow through the house even when closed.  You could feel the ocean breeze blowing through the house all day and night.  Hearing the ocean waves hitting the beach at night was so relaxing.  These days people download ocean sounds to their phones or other devices for that effect.  It was a time when folks were not afraid to leave the windows and doors open even at night.  Unfortunately, we can’t say that these days. 

I haven’t been to the island since Hurricane Hugo blew through in 1989 taking several of the houses with him.  Thank Goodness that the Island  bans commercial and industrial buildings with the exception of one condominium complex and a few Inns.  Thank goodness that the Island bans commercial and industrial buildings with  the exception of one condominium complex and a few Inns. 

      My family stayed in an old beach house much like this one when we went to North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina every summer, back in the sixties, with lots of our family members.  The house was definitely full.  My Mother, Sister and I would vacation with my grand parents and two of my mother’s sisters with their families.  Generally there were 15 or 16 of us give or take one or two.  We had a blast.  Sometimes it was so hot we would pull the mattresses out on the porch overlooking the ocean and sleep.  It was just like sleeping right on the beach but much softer.  Now, that’s a memory I will always cherish.  Oops, now this story has given away my age!  That’s OK.  It’s a wonderful memory that I wanted to share. 

Hang this beautiful beach print on any wall of your home or office and let it take you away every time you see it!

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