“At the Crossing”

A small train print featuring the Yadkin valley Train as it steams by Home Chair Company in Rhonda, North Carolina.

Image size: 11″ X 23″

This print frames to approximately: 30.5″ X 18.75″

Price: $50.00

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About the Yadkin Valley Train Print  “At the Crossing”

This train print shows the bright red Yadkin Valley Train as it runs by the old Home Chair Company building at the crossing in Rhonda, North Carolina.  Most of my paintings have been scenes of historical importance here in North Carolina.  This one is no different.  When I decided to paint the train at this particular location.  I contacted the folks of the railroad and ask if it would be possible to have the train stop at the crossing in order for me to take pictures.  The engineer said that he could not stop at this location because he would not be able to get up enough speed to climb the next hill.  So, not to be out done, a friend of mine, my husband and I stood at different places along the tracks and took pictures as the train went by.

In the late 1880’s the tracks were laid along the shoals of the Yadkin River for this western stem of the present day Yadkin Valley Railroad that ran from Rural Hall to North Wilkesboro here in NC.  This area along the river was and still is predominately agricultural in addition to lumber and poultry with manufacturing bases located at Mount Airy, Elkin, and North Wilkesboro.  Besides carrying passengers, which ended in 1995, principal shippers to this day include: Tyson Foods at Roaring River, Detroit Salt, Weyerhauser at Elkin, Wayne Feeds and Perdue Farms at Burch, feed mills at Roaring River and producers of logs, fiberboard, and wood chips.

Unfortunately, the Home Chair Company, whose  building is pictured in this art print,  was one of the first manufacturing companies here in NC to close it’s doors in 1981 putting so many Wilkes County folks out of work.

 This is another factory that has gone out of business. It closed down in 1981. It moved to Ronda NC because of the 1940 flood. It is on Hwy 268 west of Elkin NC.

This beautiful train print will be a high-lite in any room of your house or office. 

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