“Mother’s Apple Pie”

This country art print features a basket of apples, antique kitchen items and a delicious apple pie in the window are all in this old kitchen.

Image Size: 22.75″ X 14.5″

This print frames to approximately: 31.25″ X 23.25″

Price: $125.00

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All about the country art print “Mother’s Apple Pie”

This country art print is a scene from the kitchen of the old Hobson home place which is over 200 years old and still stands on our farm here in the foothills of North Carolina. Of the many times I have been in the room, I have often wondered what life must have been like for the generations who have lived here over the years. From the old wooden cabinets with their glass handles and dry sink to the view of cows and stream through the window, this room exemplifies a much simpler place in time. This is not to say that life was easier then. But, it was much less hectic than today. Here, there are memories of families who farmed the land working in the fields together, of Mom’s home cooking and hand made clothes. A way of life that may all too soon be forgotten; therefore, I have tried to recreate the look and feel for the life that was once here in the abandoned room.

This task was done with the help of my Mother and several antique kitchen wares that were handed down to her from her grandmother and now to me. Mother is such a great cook that I asked her to make one of her delicious apple pies in grandma’s pan to complete the scene. Of course my family and I could not hardly wait to get the pictures taken to do this painting. So we could eat the pie (and a delicious pie it was.)

When my husband and I got married, I was 18 and he was only 17.  So, I moved in with him here on the dairy farm that he was raised on. I was not a farm girl. But, I had a love of animals, loved being outdoors and wasn’t afraid of hard work. It was 5 years before out first child was born. So, by that time, I too had grown to love this farm and looked forward to raising our children here too. Then one day many years later, we were truly touched when our daughter said that she was so glad that she had grown up here on the farm that it made the experience of going off to college much easier for her.  She said she felt like farm life had given her confidence and taught her responsibility.  

This country art print is my tribute to the vanishing farm family and to Mother’s great cooking! I miss her dearly. She passed away in May of 2004.

“Mother’s Apple Pie” will put a touch of country in any room of your home or office.