“Precious Memories”

A country art print that will tug at your heart strings. An old back porch swing, a churn and my Granny's crocheting are all featured here.

Image size: 16.5″ X 28.5″

       This print frames to approximately 26.5″ X 35″

Price: $150.00

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About this country art print of “Precious Memories”

I have many wonderful memories of my Granny who lived next door to me when I was growing up. This painting is of the back porch of the old house that she lived in before it was torn down. Then she moved into a new brick house with with all the bells and whistles including an electric stove, central heat and a bathroom. There was something about the food that she cooked on that old wood stove. My personal favorites were pinto beans and crackling corn bread with fresh butter that she churned in the churn that is in this painting. I fondly remember swinging in this swing and Granny telling me “Don’t hit the wall. ” This was not a house. It was a home.

I’m pretty sure I’m safe in saying that the first thing Granny will always be remembered for is her crocheting. She was left handed and could not go by any directions or patterns. But, she had an identical twin sister that was right handed. So, Aunt Flora would crochet something and give it to Granny to copy. She only had to make something one time and the pattern was in her memory from then on. Her newest project was always sitting by her rocking chair. Every time she sat down she picked it up and went to work. Her crocheting was most always done with the balls of crochet string not yarn. I can even remember a bedspread that she did out of tobacco twine. It had an off white color and was beautiful. Now that project took a while. With all of this said, I just had to put a piece of her work laying on the swing. It was a pineapple design doily that she gave me a long time ago.

This country art print will add a touch of “Precious Memories” to any room of your home.

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