“Holiday Spirit”

A small sculpture featuring a mailbox in the snow with a pair of cardinals.

This sculpture stands: 4″ tall             Price: $50.00

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All about the “Holiday Spirit” of this little mailbox sculpture. 

Inspired by the popularity of the Cardinals and mailbox featured in my limited edition print “Holiday spirit,” I created this little mailbox sculpture as a three dimensional expression of the print. This was the first little sculpture that I had done as an accent piece to a painting and print that I had done. I had done other pieces. But, nothing, large or small, to be reproduced.

With this one, I first sculpted the base with the tiny cedar and cardinals in clay. Then, I added the snow covered little mailbox on top of the post. When done, I took the figure to a company in High point, NC that reproduces figurines in a pecan based resin. There, I was told that because of the way the figure was sculpted, it would have to be reproduced in two pieces the base and the box then put together. Molds were made of the pieces and the parts were cast.

When the pieces were delivered, I started assembling and painting each one. It just so happened that it was in the heat of August here in NC. I was doing all this work in the big open equipment shop here in our farm. NO AC! But, I did not mind even if I was sweating buckets of water. At that Time, Felix, my husband, was a full time dairy farmer with no extra time to help. That was OK though. Now, when you purchase one of these pieces you can actually say that you own a piece of the artist’s blood and sweat “but no tears.” These were a labor of love.

So, now I hope that everyone who takes one of these little bits of me into their home gets many years of enjoyment from them.

I would also like to add that I can put your last name on the mailbox if you would like it. Several of these have been purchased for wedding gifts with the last name of the newly weds.

Thanks for your appreciation of my work!

Patricia Hobson