“Story Time”

"Story Time" is a teddy bear art print featuring two fuzzy Teddy bears sitting on a bench reading the story of "The Three Little Pigs."

 Image size: 12″ X 10.75″   

This print frames up to approximately: 18.5″ X 17.25″

Price: $50.00

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About the teddy bear art print Story Time” 

For a long time prior to doing the painting for this teddy bear art print, I had wanted to do a painting with teddy bears. But, the inspiration just wasn’t there.  Then, at an art show we were doing one summer somewhere in Michigan, I met Kathy & Bob Bendert. Their company was called “Bear Mountain.” They were makers of the finest teddy bears I have ever seen. First of all, they were all made from real fur. Now, don’t get all upset. They did not go out hunting and kill the innocent little creatures or buy real furs from hunters. Their sources for fur for the most part are old rejected fur items such as coats and stoles. On occasion they have request for bears made of faux fur which they also did. They could take your grandma’s tattered stole or coat and create you a bear out of it to keep your memories of Grandma with you always. The bears in this print are made of chocolate squirrel and coyote. Kathy and Bob were kind enough to loan me these bears for my models. As for the other things in this painting, I found the bench at a craft store and made the honey pot out of clay. The desk lamp was one I had acquired at a vintage store. But, for the painting I made it into a mini table lamp.  Once again, I found the darling table material for the table cloth at the craft shop. It could not have been more perfect for what I needed. Oh, let’s not over look the mini children’s book.  It was one of my children’s story favorites “The Three little Pigs.” 

Having gathered all my props, I set them up on a table in front of a window in my dining room.  Then,viola, we have the teddy bear art print “Story Time.”

This precious Teddy bear art print will add a bit of sweetness to any room of your home especially a nursery or toddlers room!

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