“The Gathering”

"The Gathering"- a winter art print featuring a pair of cardinals sitting on snow laden pine boughs watching a horse and sleigh in front of a big contemporary home by American Country Artist Patricia Hobson.

Image size: 17″ X 25″

This print frames to approximately: 28.5″ X 36.75″

Price: $100.00
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About the Winter Art Print “The Gathering”

The beautiful home featured in this winter scene was built by the Willis family in Lewisville, North Carolina. The family moved abroad from the Isle of Mann in England to make their home in the United States around 1990. When the construction was finished, this beautifully impressive home stood in a beautiful gated community that was once a cattle farm of all things. Our children and the Willis’s children became schoolmates and close friends. From there the friendship of our two families blossomed. Our youngest son was a cross country runner in high school and ran with the Willis’s oldest son. We spent many a day watching the kids run around the track and out into the woods. Then while, we waited for them to reappear from their cross country run, we would have nice visits with the Willis’s. Those were the days. It’s hard to believe that was all the way back in 1996.

The view of this home appealed to me because it was a more contemporary house than many of the others that I had painted in the past. As luck would have it the winter that I had planned to do the painting we had a nice little snow storm. One of the Willis boys took several pictures of their home for me all decked out in the snow. This was the ideal setting for me to feature my ever popular pair of cardinals perched atop the heavy snow-laden pine boughs near their driveway watching the arrival of those gathering for the holidays. So I said to myself, “Why not put a horse and sleigh there? Just because it was in the twentieth century, did that mean that no one had a horse and sleigh any more?” With that said, I used my artist liberties and voila some one came to “The Gathering” in a horse drawn sleigh! 

This Winter art print will make a beautiful focal point in any room of your home or office!