“Signs of Spring”

Geese swimming along the edge of a pond under the willow trees is the focal point of this limited edition print called "Signs of Sprint."

Image Size: 17.25 X 13.5″

This print frames to approximately: 26″ X 22″

Price: $75.00 

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About this spring art print “Signs of Spring”

This is one of my favorite places on our farm. Shortly after my husband and I got married in the spring of 1971, Fred, a cousin of mine, gave me a pair of white Chinese geese seen here. They were just babies when we got them. I named the gander Ferd and the goose was Lucy. We built them a house on the edge of the pond. Over the years, they raised several baby diddles and lived happily on our pond. In the winter of 1996, Ferd died we think he was killed by some wild critter in the night. Shortly there after his death, Lucy started to become frail and weak. She had stopped eating. After having the local veterinarian check her, he said that these geese mate for life and there was probably not be anything that he could do. He did give us some supplemental granules that we could mix in with her food for extra nourishment. Then he told us that the best we could do is try to get her to eat her feed and love her for the time she had left. Lucy died the following fall. What a story of love.

I used to go down to the pond, sit on the rocks at this place and watch my geese. It was so peaceful and quiet except for the honking and splashing of the geese and the croaking of the frogs. There was even the faint buzz of the beautiful dragon flies. This was always my place. Unfortunately, I can’t get there in my trusty wheelchair. But, I can always go there through my memories.

I think we, as humans, could learn a lot from these beautiful creatures. 

This spring art print frames up great as a pair with “Morning Song” to express a feeling of peace and new beginnings in life to any room of your home or office.

Click on the image below to see “Morning Song”"Morning song" a spring scene featuring a bird house with three blue birds and some deep red Hollyhocks on a fence in front of a house in the distance.