"Salem" features the Boys School, Winkler Bakery and Home Moravian Church in the Moravian Village of Old Salem, North Carolina.

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“Salem” features the Moravian village of Old Salem, North Carolina

The fact that the word Salem means “City of Peace” is something that the majority of people are unaware of. This place is definitely a place of peace and relaxation. You can stroll the streets and watch people dressed in the clothing of the late 1760’s as they are demonstrating the living history of that time. There are tours that you can take of the buildings as well.

I painted this original painting for a friend and collector of my artwork. The positive response that I received of it helped me to decide to make it the second in a series of Old Salem prints. The first of these prints was “Salem Radiance.”

The Moravian people initially came to NC from Pennsylvania. They had purchased a 98,85-acre tract of land where Salem was to be the central town. This town was to be the central economic, religious and administrative center of this tract of land called Wachovia. They first settled Bethabara then began the construction of Salem in 1766. The five outlaying communities of Bethabara, Bethania, Friesberg, Friedland and Hope focused on agriculture. Salem and most of the other communities were controlled by the church, which owned all of the property and only leased land for construction. All the people in the communities had to be members of the church and could be expelled from the town if they acted contrary to the community’s Strict regulations.

This the Moravian village of Old Salem, North Carolina is a destination of many tourist and school children year round especially during the Christmas season. They come to see the simple traditional Christmas decorations. Folks would also line up and wait for admittance to the “Candle Tea” events that have been celebrated since 1929. The guest are given a tour of the Single Brother’s House by guides dressed in clothing of the era. They are lead into the chapel where they immediately smell the scent of homemade Moravian beeswax candles with their red fringe trim. The guest join in and sing carols accompanied by a restored 1797 Tannenbury organ.

As a special treat, guest are served a warm mug of sweet Moravian coffee and fresh baked sugar cake that was baked right up the street in the famous Winkler Bakery.

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